HOTIPS 26-50

Hotips 50: More power, less weight for California family's fishboat, October'98

Hotips 49: Sweet Tug, For Gulf of Mexico Service, pair of KTA19 power model bow tug to tow stainless steel corn syrup barges for Cargill, Sept.'98

Hotips 48: Twin KTA38s to Power Taiwanese Navy Z-drive Tugs, Sept.'98

Hotips 47: Utility Boat Building for C&E Boat Rental Inc., will be taking delivery of the first of two new 146X36-foot utility boats powered by a pair of KTA38 @ 750 HP.Aug'98

Hotips 46: More Power, Less Fuel For N-14 powered Shallow Draft 65X22-foot conventional model bow tugs in Louisiana. Aug'98

Hotips 45: KTA 19M engines on rebuilt 62X24 model bow tug for Calliou Island Towing in Louisiana, July'98

Hotips 44: Dutra Dredge Twins KTA38 Enviro Engines in 65-foot California pusher tug"Sara Reed" , July'98

Hotips 43: Several General Purpose 66-foot Tugs To Service Shallow Water Oil Wellsbuilding at Rodriguez in Bayou La Batre, Alabama with NT855 and N-14 engines, July'98

Hotips 42: Newfoundlanders Power Up With KTA19 For New Shrimp Fishery, June'98

Hotips 41: Revolutionary New Aluminum Quebec-built 50-foot Boat powered by 6-cylinderC-series at 430 HP. June'98

Hotips 40: Oregon's Fred Wahl Launches 113'5"X31-foot Crab Boat SandraFive, KTA19-M engines rated at 500 hp @ 1800 RPM, June'98

Hotips 39: McCall and Gulf Craft in Louisiana building 183X35-footers powered by sixKTA38 M2s for total of 7200 HP, May'98

Hotips 38: Blessey Marine in New Orleans Builds Retractable Wheelhouse Towboat, 75-foottug will have a pair KTA38-M2 at 2400 HP total, May'98

Hotips 37: Canadians Demonstrate Marine Technology on European Tour, 45X16.8-footfibreglass fishing boat powered by N-14 at 525 HP. May'98

Hotips 36: Big Pull, Shallow Draft Tug for Huey L. Cheramie, Inc., 80X26-foot model bow tug powered by three of Cummins KTA19, May'98

Hotips 35: Classic Basile Designed 84-foot Tugs for Scotty Chabert powered by twinKTA38 M2s for 2400 HP total, May'98

Hotips 34: 150X29-footer crewboats building at Neuville Boatworks in New IberiaLouisiana are powered by five, 6 cyl KTA19-M3 engines generating a total of 3500 hp,May'98

Hotips 33: From Wood to Fibreglass in the Azores, first Azorean-build fibreglassfishboat powered by Cummins C-series, April'98

Hotips 32: "Real McCoy": Hard Working California Ferry, repowered C-seriesafter 23,000 hours and one million miles.

Hotips 31: "Robert G. Brownlee" 90X30-foot classroom vessel for SanFrancisco, 2X 6cyl. C-series maine engines, 4 cyl. B series gen set, April'98

Hotips 30: "Aleutian Challenger" Bigger Nets, Bigger engines, repower withKTA38s, April'98

Hotips 29: Kort Nozzles on the Mississippi, 72-foot Carline towboat with twin KTA38s,March'98

Hotips 28: Seven Gillnet Boats for Seven Alaskan Fishermen twin 6BTA driving jets,March'98

Hotips 27: Joe S.Towing: A Family Company On the Ohio powers with electronic QSK19,March'98

Hotips 26: Four KTA38 M2 to power jets on Boston commuter catamaran, Feb'98

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