47 August 18, 1998

Utility Boat Building for C&E

Next December, Betty Cheramie and Robert Eymard Sr., the C&E of C&E Boat Rental Inc., will be taking delivery of the first of two new 146X36-foot utility boats. With a molded depth of 12 feet the boat will have a 10.5-foot maximum draft. Designed by Frank Basile of Entech & Associates, these well found and versatile boats are expected to find a ready market in the Gulf of Mexico oil patch alongside C&E's existing fleet of five utility vessels. That fleet currently includes three 110-footers, one 135-footer and a similar 145-footer that they launched in August of 1997. Main engines on the new 12-knot boat are a pair of Cummins KTA 38MO V-12 diesels supplied by Cummins Mid-South of Kenner Louisiana, each delivering 750 hp at 1600 RPM continuous. The engines drive through Karl Senner-supplied 5:1 Reintjes WAF-561 gears to 72X62-inch open props. A Schottel bow thruster will be powered by a 300 hp Cummins NT855. A pair of Cummins 6CT 8.3 litre engines power 99 kw gen sets. One of these auxilaries has a front mounted Twin DiscSL211 power take off for the hydraulic mud pump.

Tankage on the utility boat will include: fuel 38,000 gallons, water 120,000 gallons, drilling mud 1100 barrels. The boat will carry up to 410 long tons of cargo on its 90X32-foot aft deck. It will also have space for up to 16 passengers.

The vessels are building at R&S Fabricators in Lockport, Louisiana.

For further information contact:

Betty Cheramie
C&E Boat Rental Inc.
Phone: 504 632-6166 Fax: 504 632-4109

Frank J. Basile, P.E.
Entech & Associates, Inc.
P.O.Box 1470
Houma, Louisiana 70361 U.S.A.
Phone: (504) 868-5524 Fax: (504) 857-9032

Richard Adams
R&S Fabrication
Lockport, LA
Phone: (504) 532-5868 Fax: (504) 532-6508

Joe Gregory
Cummins Mid-South Inc.
110 E. Airline Highway
Kenner, LA 70062
Phone: (504) 468-3535

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