Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn

Set in the New England (Rhode Island) scallop trawl fishery, this is a fine coming of age tale of life on the edge. Jacket notes say, "...Tells the story of James Pfeiffer’s twentieth year, a year of rebellion, initiation, and change. In staccato prose as dazzling as sun on water, it vividly captures the maritime life in all its rank immediacy and elemental mystery. Moving, violent, at times ferociously funny, this superb novel is an absolutely fresh addition to the venerable tradition of tales of the sea and the men who work its generous but unforgiving depths." Paul Watkins was educated at Eton and Yale. His first novel, "Night Over Day Over Night’, was nominated for the Booker Prize. Watkins, who was 25 years old when her wrote "Calm at Sunset..." spent several seasons working on trawlers off the New England coast.

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