Chasing Davy Jones

It is 1977 and the 200-mle Fisheries Conservation Zone law has just passed. In New England everyone sees dollar bill jumping out of the ocean and all the hustlers, sharks, conmen and schemers are loose in the industry. Jim Hunt wants the bigger boat. Basil Banyon wants to reclaim earlier glories before his family lost their fleet to the Canadians in the 1950s. Walt Pesco just wants to make a decent living as a hired skipper and now he's working for Banyon. One October day Hunt's little 44-foot tub trawler Peapod collides with Banyon's Billow, skippered by Pesco, and Peapod sinks. Hunt wants his insurance money in a hurry, Banyon is afraid his company will be blamed and Pesoc fears he may lose his license. At the Fish Expo in Boston in October Hunt and Banyon confront each other.

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