This past summer, a young man came from Wisconsin to get a job, any job, fishing in Alaska. It is a proud tradition for young Americans raised on the mythology of "the last frontier". Most work the summer and go back south to finish school and settle to mundane lives. They take from Alaska a story to tell their children and eventually, in some enriched form, to their grandchildren. Then there are the few, who become enraptured with the fishing life. They get on a good boat and learn from an seasoned skipper. They move from fishery to fishery and, becoming true fishermen, eventually buy a boat. A good number of the top fishermen that I have met, have come through such a training. In "Highliners" McCloskey, who has spent a few summers on Alaskan decks, tells of one such fisherman. It is a great yarn that entertains while teaching much of the various Alaskan fisheries. A sequel has recently been published.

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