A River Called Titash

The introduction to this richly textured novel says, "Titah Ekti Nadir Naam" (A River Called Titash), completed in 1950 shortly before the author succumbed to tuberculosis, and published in Calcutta in 1956 with the help of close friends, is considered one of the outstanding novels in Bengali literature. It made Adwaita Mallabarman (1914-1951) more a writer’s writer in Bengal than a writer of mass popularity. A superb blend of ethnography and the poetry of bold expression, the novel takes up the lives of the Malo people at the turn of the century, communities of fisherfolk on the banks of the river Titash in Comilla in the northeast of what is now Bangladesh. The author grew up in one such community and became its first educated man and a writer; he lived in the village central to the novel until he was nineteen.... He wrote this novel when the culture was embattled, the community dispersing."

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